Hopic Explorer UWP is a complete WebDAV client

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I've never got into WebDAV storage, but it's a flexible way to manage large amounts of data when mobile - and here a newly updated (and new to AAWP) UWP app, Hopic Explorer, aims to give you full access and control to all your WebDAV storage from your Windows 10 (Mobile) phone/tablet/laptop and Continuum displays. See below.

From the Store description:

Hopic Explorer is a complete WebDAV client with which you can access any WebDAV Server and manage your data. Music and video streaming, and many other functions are also supported. Moreover Hopic Explorer offers the possibility that selected folders to be synchronized automatically to your WebDAV Server, this can be used for instace to automatically upload new photos to your WebDAV storage. For flexible working, Hopic Explorer offers full Continuum support and for added security of your data, Windows Hello is also available. Thanks to a setup wizard, the configuration is done in a few steps. Depending on your taste, Hopic Explorer also offers a light and a dark theme.

  • Access to any WebDAV server
  • Full WebDAV client with many features
  • Automatic upload for your pictures, videos and other data
  • Stream your music and videos
  • Full Continuum support
  • Windows Hello Support
  • Different Live Tiles
  • Light and dark style
  • Setup Wizard for easy configuration
  • Drag & Drop Support
  • Editor for editing document files
  • Imageview to navigate through photos
  • Display Thumbnails
  • Background Audio

For anyone who's seen this before, here's the changelog for today's update, to v1.1.99:

• Appstart has been optimized and is now significantly faster, especially if a bad connection is present
• Dark Style is now default for new installations
• Bugfix in the collection when Hopic Explorer was started from a secondary LiveTile, or navigated from a saved favorite
• Added file icon for Ms-Access files
• Bugfixes when switching between different servers
• Small design adjustments
• Re-designed settings page – Settings are now divided into categories

Some screens of Hopic Explorer in action:

Screenshot, Hopic ExplorerScreenshot, Hopic Explorer

Some slightly scary note text gives the lie that WebDAV isn't for the layman - necessarily. But, properly configured by a geek or by an IT department, you can have access to Terabytes of data on the move on Windows 10 Mobile....

Screenshot, Hopic ExplorerScreenshot, Hopic Explorer

And, with access, comes all the usual file management possibilities - the remote disk(s) become 'local', effectively, and can be treated as such.

You can grab Hopic Explorer here for free from the Store.


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