Mini-review: Denna UWP - a dedicated to-do manager

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The humble to-do list has had many forms on mobile phones over the last two decades and currently seems a little out of fashion in the Windows 10 Mobile core application set. So why not have a slick third party UWP app that fills the gap? Denna is one such and allows both one off and repeated to-dos - all in an attempt to bring more order to your life!

From the Store description:

Denna is a todo list and task manager app that is dedicated for having best time management experience in whole windows devices. Just add your tasks and hobbies , share or swipe over to do or postpone them :) There are some cool features that will help you to act like successful people.

Here's Denna UWP in action:

Denna UWP screenshotDenna UWP screenshot

Tha traditional opening intro screens - nicely done!

Denna UWP screenshotDenna UWP screenshot

Entering a one off and (right) a repeating to do - easy and quick.

Denna UWP screenshotDenna UWP screenshot

The timeline/overview shows what's left to do and coming up, and you can swipe left or right to mark as 'Done' or to 'Postpone' ;(right) there's no syncing to Denna on a laptop (etc.) but you can easily save your to-do database to the Cloud and restore it here or on any other Microsoft-signed-in device.

Denna UWP screenshot

On larger screens - laptops, Continuum displays, Denna UWP needs work - most UI panes have far too little on them - no doubt the application will grow in scope in time!

You can grab this here in the Store. It's free!

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