Video walkthrough of Redstone 2 (Creators Update) UI changes

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Yes, yes, I know I did my own textual changelog for what's new going from Redstone to Redstone 2 (Anniversary Update to Creators Update). And I'd intended to get round to a video overview too, but WC's Zac Bowden (a fellow Brit) beat me to it, with this emulator walkthrough of the main UI and core app changes, embedded below. Nicely done, even if the most signficant changes (performance, browser compatibility and security) aren't really things you can demo on screen.

Here we go, it's only an 8 minute watch and Zac goes at a fair old pace.

Anyway, put this together with my own feature and you'll have a pretty good overview of everything that's new for production devices, coming in the next month or so.

Source / Credit: YouTube