Skype UWP app drops the 'Preview' tag

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As widely reported round the Web today, Microsoft has finally dropped the 'Preview' tag on its Skype UWP application, at least for 'Slow' ring Insiders or 'faster', implying that it thinks that the new version is a match for the old Win32 client on PCs (it arguably isn't yet, but there's no reason why you couldn't carry on running the latter for many months yet, if not years). On mobile, the only change is that the Skype entry in the apps list on Windows 10 Mobile no longer has that 'Preview' addendum.

Oh yes, and despite rumours of its death at the start of March, the old Skype application for Windows Phone 8.1 is still working just fine too. At some point, Microsoft will pull the plug on legacy APIs, no doubt, but that time hasn't come yet. Maybe this will be timed with the full rollout of Skype UWP for all production phones?


Skype contacts are optionally shown in People, of course - as they have been for years; it's not entirely clear how to search Skype chats on the phone - what am I missing? (right) the new version is v11.13.115.0 - the new Skype UWP baseline - I'm sure updates and fixes will follow on a regular schedule.

If you haven't yet installed the Skype Preview UWP app, here it is in the StoreYou'll need to be running Windows 10 Mobile, of course.