FeedLab UWP gets UI customisation and social sharing

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Three months ago, I reviewed FeedLab UWP very positively - and here we have a major new update again, with this news gatherer gaining social sharing of stories and a barrage of interface customisations, even though you'll only see half of them on a PC screen or W10M with a Continuum display connected.

Here's what's new (for v2.1) since our review, with some notes by me in-line, with reference to applying to PC use - or a connected Continuum display, of course:


  • Share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pocket (View demo)
  • Copy the link of an article
  • Go to next / previous article via the mouse wheel (on a connected mouse, obviously, so probably PC only)
  • Improvement of page loading indicator
  • Better consideration of Website view with the dark theme
  • Better consideration of text selection with the mouse (probably PC only)
  • Better consideration of keyboard shortcuts (probably PC only)

List of articles

  • Mark as read all articles of a category or website
  • Resize or hide the list of articles (View demo) (on PC or Continuum screen)
  • Open directly the article on your web browser via one click
  • Pin the categories "All articles" and "Saved for later"


  • Customize the color of categories "All articles" and "Saved for later" (View demo)
  • Customize the "swipe" actions on your lists (View demo)
  • Adding of an option to hide the image on the article's header


  • Follow the new pages Facebook and Twitter of FeedLab
  • Adding of a changelog to better follow the developments of FeedLab
  • The design has been improved and the green color has been considerably faded
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements

Beautifully done by ClevLab - from coding to interface to support to media promotion, you have to hand it to these guys. This is the foremost Windows 10 feed reader and is well worth trying out (it's a free download, with just some premium features).

A couple of screenshots of the Settings panes of the new version of FeedLab in action, showing the toggling of article header images and (right) the customisation of what swipe left and swipe right does in article lists:


And then the swipes themselves, with default settings, on the centre story in my article list:


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