Your new Groove Music

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Microsoft's built-in music player in Windows 10, Groove Music, has received a UI facelift, initially available to just people with phones on the 'Fast' and 'Slow' Insiders rings, but doubtless to hit production devices in the next few weeks, almost certainly timed to coincide with first availability of the Creators Update.

The main UI change is that the clarity of what you already own or have downloaded is improved - there's less confusion between this and items that Microsoft is, in fact, trying to sell you, via its own commercial music distribution system.

Here's a taste of the new version in action:


The full changelog, and shown in the application itself, a very welcome trend in mobile applications! (right) The new, simplified, hamburger menu: 'Explore' is stuff in Microsoft's Store, 'My music' is just what it sounds (see also below, right), 'Recommended' is the new name for 'Your Groove', mixes of your own music, and so on.


Of course, at every turn, the moment you tap on something outside your own downloaded/side-loaded music, you're into 30 second song trials and then a full trial of 'Groove Stream' and 'Music Pass' - but there's always a chance to say 'Not now', don't worry; (right) 'My music' now has a Windows Phone-esque pivot view, for Songs, Artists and Albums - this makes a lot more sense than having to dive for these on the hamburger menu.

Very nicely done overall, Groove Music is pretty and now well organised too. Shame about the name itself!

To get this update, just head into the Store as usual and go into 'Downloads and updates' and then 'Check for updates'. Groove Music should be there in the list if the update is available to you.