Unigram UWP brings Telegram to Windows 10

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Telegram is a cross platform messaging service - similar to Whatsapp. And, like Whatsapp, there's no official UWP application for Windows 10 yet, meaning that users are making do with the Windows Phone 8.1 client. However, there's now a third party UWP alternative, Unigram, listed below.

From the minimalist Store entry for Unigram Preview (the latter word indicates that the developers know full well that all the functionality isn't quite baked in yet!):

Unigram – An Universal take on Telegram. Made by the community, for the community

Happily, MSPU has put together a full(ish) feature list:

  • Basic chat functionality
  • Use of emoticons
  • Stickers
  • Group chats
  • Show profile pictures
  • Share pictures
  • Search through notes
  • Mute chats
  • See if the message has been sent
  • See if the message has been checked
  • Start new chats
  • See if an user has been online
  • Set a profile picture
  • Use your phone number
  • Show notifications
  • And more…


  • Quick reply from notifications
  • Support for Continuum
  • Adaptive design
  • Share contracts
  • Integrate with the People Hub

A couple of promo screens of Unigram Preview in action:


This seems well done and can work right across form factors, plus there's Telegram's own cross-platform support. I have to confess that I've never used Telegram in my life though, so comments welcome if you've given Unigram a go!

You can grab this for free here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Store