Music Stack UWP is... getting there. The ideas studio in your pocket

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Never mind my review of Music Stack, a new UWP app that claims to stack musical ideas on top of each other, recording studio style. You see, the developer has gone to town addressing every single one of my criticisms, as you'll see from the changelog below. The only issue that remains is latency, whatever the dev claims - the sync between tracks simply isn't good enough yet to be useful, plus the application didn't always switch to headphones when they were inserted - and, as you can imagine, these are essential when adding tracks in the recording process!

Here are the changes for Music Stack v1.2, over and above the version I reviewed:

  • Added dark theme to save power on AMOLED screened phones
  • Preventing screen to lock when application is being used
  • Deleting temporary files created by the app to save space on the device
  • Fixed an issue with suspending an resuming the app
  • Fixed the issue where locking screen could cause the app to not respond properly
  • Fixed latency issues where there were small delays in the recording of the second and subsequent tracks
  • Bug fixes on saving music and saving projects

As I say, Music Stack UWP is definitely getting there. Some screens of the new version in action, showing the new dark theme in particular:


Assuming that the latency issues are fixed, my only suggestion would be that Music Stack has an 'infinite' recording time option for the first/base track only, using the microphone and letting the musician carry on as long as they like, stopping recording after (say) five seconds of silence. As it is, it's frustrating to set up the recording for (say) 16 bars and then realise, mid-way through playing, that you really needed less or more!

You can grab the week's trial version of Music Stack here. Comments welcome - is it just me seeing timing issues? I'm using the app on Redstone 2, i.e. the current Fast ring on a Lumia 950 XL.

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