Creators Update 'baked'? What's left to do in Windows 10 Mobile?

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We're now seeing Windows 10 Mobile build 15063.2 rolling out to the 'Slow' Insiders ring and it's looking like this is the 'official' build that will hit the Release Preview ring and then production status phones in due course. Microsoft has made good progress in fixing bugs and adding features over the last year, but I do wonder what's left to do? What's missing for you from the OS in terms of making it fully competitive or meeting your needs? 

The 'Creators Update', mainly named after its desktop additions, was codenamed Redstone 2, of course. If we can do a little crowd-sourced complaining here, in the comments, then I'll pull together a formal wishlist for Microsoft, as they start to get cracking on the 'Redstone 3' branch of the OS.

I'm sure there must have been features and fixes which you'd hoped would make the cut for Redstone 2 but which were delayed - or forgotten about completely. So do tell.

I'll kick things off with:

  • I'd like the option of 2 x 4 (i.e. double width, quadruple height live tiles - at the moment we only have 4 x 2. And, while we're here, why not 4 x 4 'large square' live tiles?
  • I'd like to at least have the option of the Start screen working/reformatting in landscape mode - after all, most UWP applications work just fine like this and it's often more convenient.
  • Edge needs extension support, as on the desktop - or at least a basic ad-blocker - some mobile sites are out of control with ads and pop-ups.
  • I'd like better digital zoom (interpolating) algorithms in Windows 10 Camera - the current ones are just terrible.
  • After taking a photo, I shouldn't have to go into OneDrive to kick off the auto-backup/upload - this seems necessary more often than it should be.
  • Store should respect the 'Update apps automatically' setting - its behaviour is erratic at present. Plus recently updated applications don't show immediately in the 'Recent activity' list.
  • Continuum needs to remember better your last session and correctly show applications which are 'running'.
  • Continuum needs multiple, re-sizeable windows (even if non-foreground windows are effectively frozen).
  • Not strictly in the OS, but Windows 10 Maps needs to license/use more real time traffic data and then use this proactively in navigation.
  • In Outlook Mail, I'd like message contents not to appear in eye blinding white after the message headers have been browsed in nice, eye and power-saving black/dark theme.

Some of these are perhaps in the pipeline for the new universal Start shell that's coming across phone/tablet/desktop - it remains to be seen how much of such a project, targetted as coming in for full Windows 10 on ARM, will tie in with Redstone 3.

Anyway, get to it in the comments. What's your personal bug bear issue/request?