Playcast UWP updates bring performance improvements

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Back in the middle of 2016, I reviewed Playcast, a new UWP app claiming to liase completely with a Google Chromecast (or other Mircast compatible streaming display). Today sees a big update, bringing it up to date and adding much needed performance improvements and (in theory) better reliability.

Here's the changelog for Playcast UWP since my review:

  • Same volume level for all songs by default (you can disable it in the settings)
  • UI Accent color can be changed (go in the settings)
  • Zoom UI (setup in the settings)
  • New code for background audio
  • XBoxOne : UI fix black margin on TV removed
  • XBOX One ready
  • Chromecast Audio Multiroom support
  • German language
  • Sort buttons are back!
  • Performance improvements
  • Open a URL directly
  • DLNA Drive workaround for large folders and some drives

Quite the update - a few screenshots of this in action today:


Casting a local video to my 'Bedroom' Chromecast... and (right) browsing through the local media content on my phone.

It's a commercial application here in the Store but is a good investment for anyone with both a Windows 10 Mobile-running phone and a Google Chromecast or similar streaming system. It's fair to say that I experienced some unreliability with my own hardware, but then I was running a Fast ring build of Windows 10 Mobile, so I'll cut the developer some slack. 

Comments welcome and data points on your own media equipment!