Bargain Lumia 950 XLs galore at the BT shop?

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Subject to confirmation that these are indeed fully SIM-free handsets, I've been alerted that the 'BT Shop' in the UK are selling the Lumia 950 XL in black for the crazy price of £216 including VAT. They have loads in stock too, so if you've been humming and hesitating at jumping onto the 950 XL for the last year, even at previous offer prices, then snap this one up.


Given the 950 XL's still-respectable specs and somewhat unique position as the last and highest specced first party phone from Nokia/Microsoft, £216 is an absolute steal. And it's the black one too, not the less popular white. Not that colour should have been an issue since you'll probably stick a Mozo replacement back on it anyway, eh?

Comments welcome if you grab one of these. Is there a catch?

Source / Credit: BT