Microsoft's Spring event is all about Education

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Possibly the third Flow story in a row that's essentially USA-centric (sigh), but Microsoft just announced an event in New York for May 2nd. There's unlikely to be anything phone-specific - that won't happen until BUILD, I'm guessing, if not later. But it's definitely of interest in the wider Windows 10 world, especially as the OS makes for greater uptake in the Education and budget cloud-book markets.

From the MSPU news story:

Here is the invite Microsoft is sent out to the press:


...The company is actually expected to introduce Windows Cloud which is a new version of Windows 10 built for affordable devices. Windows Cloud will be aimed highly towards Microsoft’s education customers, which is likely why the May event has the #MicrosoftEDU hashtag.

It is possible Microsoft will introduce a cheaper Surface device that runs Windows Cloud to compete with Google’s Chromebooks, so that will certainly be quite interesting to see.

Good to see Joe Belfiore back - he's resurfaced on Twitter (after a year's break for family reasons), in time for the event, and will likely present Windows 10 Cloud on stage.

Microsoft’s May Event will be streamed online, if you're interested, on May 2nd at 14:30 BST. I'll post a direct link when it's available.

Microsoft's first party (Surface) Windows 10 devices have so far all been pricey affairs, so it would be good to see a budget/education option, perhaps down in the $400/£300 range, albeit with the default restriction that the device can only run Store applications and not generic side-loaded x86 applications. This should suit new and education users just fine - and will also help stop them accidentally loading up ransomware.

Source / Credit: MSPU