Solfege+ UWP offers musical stave training!

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Originally for Windows Phone 8.1 but also now implemented as a full UWP app for Windows 10 Mobile, Desktop, tablet, etc., Solfege+ is a training aid to help you memorise the musical staves in Western music. 'Solfège' itself is the name given to the 'Do Re Mi' system of notes, but the app is adaptable to work with traditional A-G notes too.

From the Store description:

Solfege+ is a fun and entertaining application designed to teach note recognition on a staff.

Whether beginner or expert, Solfege+ through these differents levels of difficulty allow you to improve your reading speed. 

 Solfege+ also provides an interactive piano, ideal for composition. 

  • Fully customizable (speed, keys, alterations, ...)
  • Notations (Default, English, Piano, Guitar)
  • Progressive learning
  • Interactive keyboard
  • Multilingual
  • MIDI interface

Here's Solfege+ in action on my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, Solfege+

The main menu - the UI is custom, but easy enough to follow...

Screenshot, Solfege+

There's a choice of musical note conventions, plus piano or guitar for the on-screen implementations. Important for PC use will be the MIDI input, for use with a suitable keyboard, typically.

Screenshot, Solfege+

Setting up the heart of Solfege+, the games, where you try and recognise and match note names on the bass and treble staves....

Screenshot, Solfege+

A game in action - (right to left scrolling) notes that you get right are then shown in yellow, and those you get wrong are shown in red...

Screenshot, Solfege+

Trying to pick things out on a guitar proves much harder!!

Screenshot, Solfege+

Or you can forget the games and just play the (polyphonic) piano, along with a helpful metronome...

Screenshot, Solfege+

This is now a full UWP app and runs happily on a Continuum display, even if it's more use with a desktop PC and that MIDI input, if you're really serious about learning.

You can grab the free trial here in the Store.

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