Crystal UWP and your day to day finances

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Never mind Cortana, here's Crystal! Or at least that's the tone of the description of this new UWP app in the Store. A finance manager, essentially, which few of us can get excited about*, but seemingly well done and well thought of. Plus some people like keeping track of money to this level of detail, so why not?

[ * My personal view is that life's too short to track every penny spent! Just look after the pounds and the pennies will look after themselves, reversing the old adage from times gone by!!!]

From the Store description:

Crystal is a simple yet productive application to track your finance budget.

Add incomes and outcomes and she will do the rest. As your expenses and incomes list will grow – Crystal will analyze this information to present you additional statistics describing your overall budget state. She looks good, does her job well and keeps your budget history organized. Crystal is all about how your finance management should look like.

You'll get the idea. The promo screens will give you even more. Don't be put off by my apathy to this app genre, this looks like a very decent new third party UWP app, even if initial reviews suggest that it's more mobile-focussed than desktop:

Screenshot, CrystalScreenshot, Crystal

Transaction by transaction, your life in numbers! I like the current balance banner; (right) delving into the details of a particular transaction, with the option to edit after the fact.

Screenshot, CrystalScreenshot, Crystal

And, as usual with this type of app, as you enter new transactions there's the chance to assign category and a colour label, even a location and description; (right) graphical and textual reports let you take stock at the end of each financial period.

You can grab Crystal UWP here in the Store. Let us know what you think. Is it worthy of the full AAWP review treatment?

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