FooFoo Go! Run! Jump! UWP - Hmm...!

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OK, it's great to see a new UWP game in the Store, but 'FooFoo Go! Run! Jump!' is disappointing at every level. Currently, anyway, maybe this is just a first version. From over-slow loading times and crashes to lack of in game level navigation to fiddly and frustrating ultra-monochrome gameplay, I can't recommend FooFoo Go! Run! Jump! at the moment.

From the Store description:

FooFoo Go! Run! Jump! is a 2D traditional platform game. In the game, you as a player has to control the character FooFoo by running through each portal the level one by one to escape the ruins. You must avoid jumping into a ditch!


  • 32 massive levels
  • Optimized for HD resolution
  • Optimised for Xbox Gamepad control
  • Optimized touch controls

Other than jumping and hopefully not missing your landing point, there's not much going on here. Which is not to say that the game is easy - far from it. Think Flappy Bird in terms of frustratingly quick controls and critical split-second timing. But see what you think from the video promo above.

You can grab the one day trial of this here (it's 99p to buy it outright).

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