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With the England's FA cup in its last stage and with the football season reaching its climax, now's a great time to note a UWP app, Onefootball, with data presented in copious forms from the massive Onefootball web site/service. It's really well done, too, adapting to all screen sizes, Continuum displays, laptops and tablets. Oh, and did I mention that it's all completely free?

From the Store description:

Onefootball is the best app for football fans. Get all the latest football news, live scores, results, highlights and more from the Premier League, Champions League and all international competitions.

EVERY MATCH, EVERY GOAL Get close to the action with Onefootball’s minute-by-minute live commentary – written by experts and with super fast push notifications. You can also predict the result of all Premier League matches and vote your ‘Oneplayer’.

ALL THE NEWS & TRANSFRS Your daily dose of everything that happens on and off the pitch. The best news from all international competitions, including detailed analyses, transfer rumours and more.

EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CLUB All you need to know about your favourite team: Fixtures, insider news and video channels are always on hand in the team section.

ALL THE LEAGUES & TEAMS Explore the global world of football. With Onefootball, you have direct access to all the international competitions and teams. Personalise the app by adding the most important competitions and teams to your favourites. 

Here's Onefootball in action, with some comments:

Screenshot, Onefootball UWPScreenshot, Onefootball UWP

A full UWP interface include hamburger navigation , along with shortcuts to your favourite teams and competitions...

Screenshot, Onefootball UWPScreenshot, Onefootball UWP

The international aspect is incredible - any match from any competition from any country, and all with full details and breakdowns; (right) plenty to set in Settings, from favourites to live tile choice here to where the app should start you off each time you launch it.

Screenshot, Onefootball UWPScreenshot, Onefootball UWP

The UWP app background (title/menu/tools etc.) is changed according to the colours of your favourite team - instant theming!!

Screenshot, Onefootball UWPScreenshot, Onefootball UWP

The match history is a time line that can be scrolled through at any point and then delve further into details from there - Onefootball is an amazing resource; (right) here looking at the 'live' commentary from when the game was played.

You can grab this in the Store here on any phone running Windows, whether of the 8.1 variety (you'll get served up an older Silverlight version) or Windows 10 Mobile.

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