Money Tracker Pro UWP tracking your portfolio

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Originally designed for Windows Phone 8.1, Money Tracker Pro has recently become a full UWP too, for Windows 10, on phone, tablet and laptop. We've not covered it on AAWP before, but it looks a very comprehensive solution for managing and analysing large financial transactions, think savings accounts and stock portfolios.

From the Store description:

Advanced personal finance manager - the only application on the market that allows you to seamlessly track your cash accounts and stock portfolios. Inspired by popular SPB Finance, MS Money and Quicken it inherits many of the features and adds more: simple intuitive interface, flexible reports with drill-down capabilities, online FX rates and stock prices, excellent performance with years of data. Schedule, enter, analyse and project your expenses months and years ahead, all within this beautiful app.

  • No subscription required
  • No data is stored online except compact encrypted OneDrive backups.
  • cash and stock transactions
  • full multi-currency support, 156 currencies and 4 cryptocurrencies
  • online FX rates and stock prices
  • photo attachments
  • data synchronization between 2+ devices via OneDrive or Dropbox
  • voice commands (Cortana, WP8.1 only)
  • account groups
  • transactions with custom category/project/payee
  • hierarchical categories and projects (a.k.a. tags or classes)
  • split transactions that can include transfers (e.g. mortgage principal repayment plus interest)
  • any periodic transaction can be scheduled with a reminder
  • budgets configurable by accounts, categories, currency and custom periods (for example UK tax year)
  • 8 powerful fully customizable reports with tables and charts
  • each report can be cloned and saved for future use
  • reports and budgets can include scheduled transactions - perfect for forecasting
  • drill down into reports and budgets to view related transactions
  • OneDrive backup/restore allows multiple profiles
  • QIF import/export, export to CSV and Excel
  • live tiles for accounts, budgets, reports and quick transactions
  • password or PIN protection, encrypted data file
  • search in transactions
  • flexible configuration
  • built in calculator
  • supports all resolutions
  • default dark/light themes or blue picture background
  • excellent performance with tens of thousands transactions

This is one step up from your average money manager, in that we're dealing with more macroscopic amounts - though presumably you'd have to also have a way of keeping track of the smaller amounts, in order to feed details into Money Tracker Pro? 

Here are some (promo) screenshots of Money Tracker Pro in action:

Screenshot, Money Tracker ProScreenshot, Money Tracker Pro

Typical screens from Money Tracker Pro, showing budgeting and transactions views....

Screenshot, Money Tracker ProScreenshot, Money Tracker Pro

The UWP hamburger menu for navigation around the application, this gives a good feel for the 'business' feel of the app, one can imagine running a small business with this; (right) even assets such as property are accounted for - are you in the green or the red?

Screenshot, Money Tracker ProScreenshot, Money Tracker Pro

A vaiety of predefined reports can be generated, though this would be more useful when running the UWP app on a laptop, from where it would be easier to print and disseminate; (right) who said money management apps couldn't also be pretty?!

You can grab this in the Store here. The trial version is fully featured and ad-free but limited to 50 transactions. Anyone with an older Windows Phone 8.1 installation will get the old 8.1 application, anyone on W10 will get the new UWP app.

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