Microsoft's event is 2.30pm BST today, here's how to watch live

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Microsoft is holding its first big event of 2017, with the expected launch of Windows 10 Cloud (some are calling it Windows 10 S, oddly), this afternoon at 2.30pm UK time. While nothing to do with 'mobile' and 'phone' per se, the launch of the malware-proof Store-only version of Windows 10, along with a range of budget 'cloud books', is sure to raise Windows profile across the board, specifically into schools and other organisations. Not to mention teenager bedrooms and studies around the world. Hopefully. The live stream URL is given below, if you want to follow along.

Edu event

You can watch live here, from 2.30pm BST today (May 2nd 2017). Many have speculated on a successor to the popular Surface Pro 4 - plus a sniff of news of Microsoft's mobile plans, but I think we'll have to wait until the BUILD conference in a week's time for anything like that. Today's event is all about 'Windows 10 S' - I'm guessing the 'S' is for 'Store' (only).

This variant will only allow Store-approved applications (UWP apps and UWP-wrapped Win32 apps, i.e. via Project Centennial), which should set most peoples' minds at rest about inadvertent malware installation. Mind you, for an upgrade fee, users who find the new version restricting will be able to pay to upgrade this to the full, more open Windows 10 that we use today.

PS. Images of new Windows 10 hardware are leaking online as from a sieve. E.g. this tweet:


Source / Credit: Microsoft