Dr Who comes to Skype UWP

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Something of an oddity but I noticed that Dr Who has been added to the list of 'bots' in Skype (UWP app), though don't get too excited. With just a few sci-fi animations here and there, this is mainly a text-based game, getting you to answer trivia questions and do basic calculations. Are you really interacting with the Doctor or having adventures in time and space? Well, not really, but feel free to have a play if you feel like it - let's see how sassy the Doctor can get!

Here's the new bot in action in Skype's UWP app for Windows 10:

Screenshot, Dr Who botScreenshot, Dr Who bot

Getting going, you'll find the Dr Who bot in the usual list - do you use bots in general? Data points welcome!

Screenshot, Dr Who botScreenshot, Dr Who bot

Think the text adventures of old, only not as clever or deep. But hey, it's free and it's all built into Skype, so why not, if you're at a loose end?

Screenshot, Dr Who botScreenshot, Dr Who bot

The occasional bits of animation or audio are a nice touch, but they're kept minimal, probably for bandwidth reasons on mobile here.

What do you think? A waste of space? Or a nice nod to a British TV classic?

PS. This all needs Skype UWP on Windows 10 Mobile, of course.

PPS. Where's David Tennant when you need him??!