Windows 10 Maps gets extra voice options

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On the Fast ring, at least, Windows 10 Maps just got itself a nice update, providing extra options for voice navigation. No doubt this will make its way to production devices in due course, too. See below for details and screenshots of this in action, on Mobile, of course, since on the phone is where Maps shines...

As seen on my editorial Lumia 950 XL:


Both the option to choose the navigation volume and to choose where the instructions are played come directly from user feedback. Which of us haven't been listening to a nice quiet piece of music in the car when the navigation instruction comes in booming over the car's Bluetooth connection? With volume and audio destinations both selectable, you can now take charge of audio multitasking in your own car set-up!

Comments welcome - would you make use of these new options? I know my family will be very pleased with the results...