Pillbox UWP reminds you about daily medication

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As the name suggests, this is a medication reminder application, very useful if what you take is critical to your health and well being each day. It's also a full UWP app and so will work on your Windows 10 desktop as well as your phone. 

From the Store description:

Pillbox is a simple and easy-to-use alarm app to remind you to take your medicine! Based on user testing, Pillbox's notification will ring louder and louder to remind you to take your pills. It also doubles as the perfect list to show your physician should they ask you what medicines you are currently taking. Got a Windows 10 phone and PC? Pillbox automatically syncs your medicines across all your devices!

Purchase the full version to store more than 5 medications!

Our newest update adds default medicine values when adding a new drug. You can edit these in the settings page. And we also added a sprinkle of Neon design to the app that is supported on the Creator's Update. Lastly, are you on a PC? We added a ton of new keyboard shortcuts. Press Alt to see the shortcuts on a page. Hope you like it!


  • Automatic sync of medicines across PC and phone
  • Cortana integration
  • Live Tile
  • OneDrive Backup

Here's Pillbox UWP in action:


Keeping track of pills and schedule, note that medication can be person and day specific, with various intervals allowed for.


And if various family members all take pills, you can filter out one or any of them, as needed; (right) Setting up a new reminder.

You can grab the trial version of Pillbox here in the Store. It's fully featured, though there's no way to note down doses and/or volumes, which I imagine might be useful in many ways.

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