Stats from AAWP Universal app and call for requests!

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Last covered here a couple of months ago, the official AAWP Universal application is building nicely to a major new version, with some likely new features listed below. This post is to share some stats from 'our' (well, Joe Blumenow's) application and to ask what you'd like to see in the app in the future.

The current version number is Planned for the future for AAWP Universal are: (though don't hold Joe to all of this in one version!)

  • Adding some 'Project Neon' transparency effects
  • Adding a 'Find on page' facility
  • Better support for desktop and Continuum layouts
  • Better audio/podcast support, i.e. with direct playback and interfacing with system audio player

Joe has specifically asked me to ask(!) if there is anything in particular that the wider AAWP community would like to see on the app? So there you go, chip in under this story, in the comments. 

In other AAWP Universal app-related news, some statistics of interest:

  • The app has been installed 11,450 times
  • There's an average of 400 unique, active users per day
  • Male users outnumber female users 35 to 1(!)
  • Geographically, the top countries for downloads of the app are: USA 30%, UK 19%, India 7%, Germany 5%, Australia 3%
  • 83% of installers rate the app with 5 stars in the Windows Store

So there we go. You can grab or update 'AAWP Universal' from the Store here, it's a free download. Why not add your own rating of 'AAWP Universal' and leave a text review? It all helps discoverability!

Comments welcome for Joe, he'll read and take it all in, we promise! Plus you'll see an update hopefully within the next month.

Screenshot, AAWP UniversalScreenshot, AAWP Universal

PS. By the way, aside from Rafe (and guests) being in the podcasts, virtually all the content for AAWP is now being written by me, as you've probably gathered. I/we'd love to have some more guest articles in 2017, so do please get in touch if there's a topic, device or application that you feel strongly about. You can reach me at .

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