Diabetes Analyzer UWP

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Looking aroud for new UWP applications in the Store, I came across this specialist medical utility, Diabetes Analyzer. As with many other self-trackers, you enter details of your Glucose levels and the application replaces reams of paper, providing some charts and reports along the way.

From the Store description (sic):

Did you always have difficulty in writing down your Glucose data and then analyzing it to get your results? Then this is the right application for you as it helps you track your Glucose Levels.

This is the first and the best Diabetes Managing app for Windows 10 Tablets and Desktops and Mobile. The application helps you to keep track of your blood glucose levels at different times of day, such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The application offers graphs for advanced users to analyze their data. Track your Minimum, Maximum and Average of your Glucose levels for varying time periods.

Now Export your data to an Excel sheet just with a click of a button. (Note this is paid feature in the app.)

Some screens of Diabetes Analyzer in action:

Screenshot, Diabetes AnalyzerScreenshot, Diabetes Analyzer

Entering a new Glucose reading into the system; (right) you've got to love coloured charts, an AAWP staple(!)

Screenshot, Diabetes AnalyzerScreenshot, Diabetes Analyzer

A simplistic chart here, but looking at your levels over various time periods could be very interesting indeed in managing your diabetes; (right) how are you doing on the ol' speedo? Time to find out!

There are two in app purchases here - one to remove adverts and one to enable the Excel export. These seem more than fair enough though, given the specialist nature. You can grab Diabetes Analyzer here in the Store.

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