Podcasts (beta) UWP gets car mode and UI refresh

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Back at the start of 2017, I shared that Cast UWP had become 'Podcasts (beta)', and this UWP podcatcher has been receiving regular updates ever since. In the last five months there has been something of a UI refresh, so I've attempted a changelog here. It's not my favourite Windows 10 Mobile podcatcher, but it's certainly very capable and up with the pack generally, not least being fabulous at restoring your set-up when switching to a new (or newly reset) phone.

Here's my cobbled-together changelog for Podcasts (beta)

  • 'Car mode' added
  • UI tweaks, font changes
  • Volume, cast and speed controls moved to '...' pop-up on mini-player
  • Added 'synchronize on close' option/function

And, as usual, I've got some screenshots to illustrate some of these functions:

Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)

The standard playing mode for a podcast - tapping the 'car' icon switches to 'Car mode' and the controls get much bigger and more finger-friendly...

Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)

Also in the UI, the '...' menu in the player now puts up these three controls - they were in the main player pane previously, resulting in a congested control strip; (right) the hamburger menu is now larger and 'Options' and 'About' are separated out.

Ignore the garish colours above, by the way, Podcasts (beta) is just assuming my system theme on my test device - you won't have to live with searing orange!!

You can grab this for free in the Store here, with in-app-purchases just there to 'tip' the developer if you like a lot! 

Comments welcome if you've tried 'Podcasts (beta)'- how has it been holding up?

PS. You can get involved with the developer, to report issues or request a feature via Github here.

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