Mini-review: Master Password UWP generates and stores complex passwords

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There are numerous problems with passwords online, not least that there are far too many of them needed these days. And when a new site asks for a password, it's tempting to type in something simple or something you've used before, leading to cross-site hacks and ID fraud. Master Password is a cross-platform solution - here in UWP form for Windows 10 - that aims to help you out with uncrackable passwords across the board.

From the Store description:

Master Password for Windows is a native UWP App for Windows 10 Devices, for generating and managing secure, site-exclusive passwords. If one password gets stolen, no other of your accounts/passwords is compromised in any way.

This app is partially based on MasterPasswords open source code, but is completely independent. More information about its algorithm.

This app is open source. Find its source code here.

  • Manage all your accounts securely with this App
  • Site-exclusive (generated) passwords are worthless without YOUR master password
  • Generate all kinds of passwords, suitable for the site/account
  • Import your sites/accounts from other MasterPassword apps (iOS, Android), as well as export them to JSON
  • One universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Here's Master Password UWP in action on Windows 10 Mobile:

Screenshot, Master Password UWPScreenshot, Master Password UWP

Access to your master passwords and, indeed, the encryption key to them all is your own (eponymous) master password; (right) great to see a proper dark theme here, for AMOLED-screened phones.

Screenshot, Master Password UWPScreenshot, Master Password UWP

Each site gets a sequence of randomised passwords generated for it, based on the site name and your own master password. If the site forces you to pick a new one, you advance the 'site counter' by one and then there's your replacement - and all previous passwords can be generated again on demand; (right) tapping on the password copies it to the system clipboard, ready for pasting in where needed (e.g. into a web page)...

Screenshot, Master Password UWPScreenshot, Master Password UWP

Although there's no central server syncing your sites and data, it's easy enough to switch between devices or platforms using a standard JSON format file - just put this anywhere you like and import/export away - the actual passwords should all come out the same on every platform/client.

Screenshot, Master Password UWP

The home view in Master Password reveals all your latest passwords for each site - again, tapping any copies it to your clipboard.

This could be just the ticket if you're one who wrestles with thinking up and managing new passwords every week. You can grab the free 24 hours trial, or buy the app outright for around £2, here in the Store.

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