Skype UWP gets a UI overhaul

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Skype has been getting UI overhauls on other platforms (usually to a negative response - it's all very 'Snapchat', apparently), and here we have a refresh for Windows 10, on all form factors, including Mobile, though note that it's so far only showing on the Release Preview Insider ring. Which means that it's headed for production W10M users in a couple of weeks from now. Below is a set of screens, showing the 'before' and 'after'...

Interestingly, the new Skype UWP client also doesn't show up for Fast ring Insiders (on the Redstone 2 'feature2' branch), at least not yet.

Here's Skype UWP's UI as it was before today (here on a Lumia 930):

Skype UWP screenshotSkype UWP screenshot

And here's the UI now, with hamburger menu and '...' menu both banished in favour of a single menu available after tapping your own profile image, top centre:

Skype UWP screenshotSkype UWP screenshot

You may (or may not!) be wondering where the 'bots' have gone? They're now under the '+' control, i.e. start a new conversation and you get to choose with a bot, etc.

It all works well enough, though I always get a bit worried about the sheer number of UI conventions within a single ecosystem - and Windows Phone users have been through enough changes for a lifetime already!

Comments on the new UI? Better? Worse?