Two more US Banks quietly add support for Microsoft Wallet

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Things that only apply in the USA or which come to the USA first remain a frustration for the UK-based AAWP, but we can at least link through to MSPU's coverage of the addition of more US banks for Microsoft Wallet and tapping to pay with a Windows 10 Mobile phone.

MSPU reports:

Tap to pay

Support for Microsoft’s Tap to Pay system Microsoft Wallet has been slowly rolling our amongst banks in the US. Microsoft Wallet currently supports Bank of America, BECU, First Tech Federal Credit Union, People’s United Bank, PNC Bank US Bank,Virginia Credit Union among others.

Now Ally Bank and First Light FCU bank have also quietly added support for tap to pay(via Reddit). This means users of these banks can now pay for goods and services with their phones.

Sorting out all the various financial agreements with the huge banks of the world, and in each country, isn't a trivial feat and I do understand why Microsoft hasn't pushed the accelerator pedal across the board here. Still, with at least the USA coming into line, and with updates continuing for Windows 10 Mobile across all rings, surely - surely - Microsoft's plans for new mobile hardware are still in progress? We can't go on using the Lumia 950 and 950 XL forever, you know...

Source / Credit: MSPowerUser