Mini-review: Track Goals UWP helps you save...

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This new UWP has but one aim - to help you see progress towards specific money saving goals. At least numerically, there are no charts in Track Goals, but you do get to add photos that help inspire you to save more. Of course, no amount of 'tracking' in an app can actually help you find and store real money, so the hard work is up to you. But if the presence of an app on all your Windows 10 devices is what you need to push you over the edge in terms of saving then here we go.

Track Goals is still somewhat beta-ish, with at least one major UI glitch, shown below, but it's also a well behaved Windows 10 UWP application that syncs data through OneDrive and is therefore well worth noting.

Here are its stated features:

  • Add an item you want to save money towards.
  • Look at completed goals later.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • See the history of every goal you've attempted.
  • Sync your progress and history across all your devices via OneDrive.
  • Drag and drop images onto the app to start new goals faster. (WARNING: Dragging images from a web browser to the app does not work with Microsoft Edge)
  • Uses your Accent Color Settings.
  • Supports Light and Dark Theme

Here's Track Goals UWP in action:

Screenshot, Track GoalsScreenshot, Track Goals

As with all the best UWP applications, there's a set of start up introductory screens to make sure you know what the app's all about... The OneDrive integration mentioned here works well, though somewhat slowly (ten seconds to sync a couple of items, so I'm guessing that image data is included?)

Screenshot, Track GoalsScreenshot, Track Goals

The biggest UI glitch in this early version is that the field names are missing their left edge! No doubt this will be quickly fixed by the developer; (right) the main view, showing goals and their progress - I've set suitable images, but how creative or inspirational you are here is up to you!

Screenshot, Track GoalsScreenshot, Track Goals

You can pin goals to your Start screen, though the large tile size seems buggy at the moment, see above, left - the standard 2x2 size works just fine; (right) each change is logged as part of your Track Goals 'history'...

And, as I often do, I run this up through a Continuum display from one of my Lumia 950s....

Screenshot, Track Goals

You can grab this new UWP app here in the Store. It's fully useable and totally free, as far as I can see - why not let the developer know about glitches you see and help make this an even more polished product?

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