ACG Player UWP - crazy UI, crazy visualisations

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This has been out for a while, but regularly updated and I wanted to at least give it a name check here. ACG Player (ACG = Art Computer Graphics) aims to play all media types, adding in computer visualisations to audio - and it's impressive in this regard, though the learning curve in terms of the dense and non-standard UI is somewhat steep. You'll love it or hate it, I suspect!

From the Store description:

A universal media player only for Windows 10 (UWP, PC/Tablet/Phone...), with many unique features! Pure native C++ high performance code. Art Font subtitle, super cool Music Visualization art effects, audio/video effects, customizable gestures & UI buttons ... Art Computer Graphics (ACG).

App is FREE without function limitation! Added IAP to remove ads as users request, it has nothing to do with app function.

Supports subtitle, background music, gesture, MKV... see Features. DLNA/UPnP: (1). Play to devices (all supported); (2). Play files on Media Server (API not supported by phone system). Simple & Green.

The application is effectively a demonstration of the developer's ACG system and it works surprisingly well, with visualisations that genuinely follow the music EQ and volume, see the screenshots below. It's fair to say that the UI is more at home on a larger laptop screen, but the app still largely works on Windows 10 Mobile, on the phone.


Things look a little strange from the outset, with a barrage of text fonts and colours, graphical help hints, and so on. This isn't your standard style-compliant UWP application!


The visualisations (EQVs) work very well though - tapping the screen away from the controls leaves just the visualisation while you listen, with the UI out the way. Here are two of the possible EQVs in action while Adele plays...


There are dozens of EQVs online to grab and use; (right) you can also play with the visualiser settings and generally tweak things to your liking.


ACG Player also handles videos, with a barrage of options and a deluge of UI controls...


The interface generally works better in landscape mode, tying in with the UWP/Continuum nature - this is best used on a Windows 10 tablet, I suspect?


The Settings are legion here - one of the most customisable media applications ever?

You can grab ACG Player here in the Store. Me? I'll stick with Groove (Music), but you might have fun with this on the side! There are adverts, which you naturally pay to get rid of, but it's completely free to use and try.

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