Slack Beta for Windows 10 Mobile gets a reliability update

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Slack's Windows 10 application for mobile isn't a true UWP - it's actually a WinRT 'universal' app, confusingly. It's also permanently in 'beta', seemingly. But it has been getting regular updates, which is good to see, even they're of the 'bug fix' kind, see the latest changelog below.

Here's the official changelog for version number: 2017.808.2047.0 (August 8th 2017)

Bug fixes:

  • Frustratingly, the app was stalling if it was left open while you attempted to sign out of all sessions from desktop. It now doesn't.
  • We no longer display deactivated users, which clears things up a bit.
  • An errant error message that was displaying for a broadcasted reply.
  • No more crashes after deleting a file that's been marked unread. Unread, nonexistent, whatever the case, we will not crash.

You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings > About) or sending an email to

As I mentioned a few months ago though:

As I say, this has been out for almost two years, yet is still in 'beta' and updates have been coming along bi-monthly, yet there are still some yawning gaps in functionality, at least when compared to the full Desktop Slack experience:

  • there's no voice calling
  • there's no screen sharing
  • file sharing is limited to sending images
  • there's zero integration with other Windows Phone applications
  • there's no dark theme

So still masses for the Slack team to do.

Slack screenshotSlack screenshot

Do you use Slack Beta for Windows 10 Mobile? How well does it work in your team? What other features are needed?

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