Wave UWP and ads, ads, ads...

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It's not often that I completely lambast a title for getting its balance completely wrong, but Wave UWP is just... terrible. Not the game itself, which is frustrating in a Flappy Bird (last 15 seconds if you're lucky) way, but the in-game adverts. Oh, my eyes. Multiple video ads that are often unskippable, again and again - of 60 seconds in the game, only about ten are spent actually playing.

The only reason I'm giving Wave UWP some column inches here is that it's a UWP title and such games are quite rare. From the Store description:

  • Fly your ship through the waves of space.
  • Gain points by flying through the hoops.
  • Collect coins to unlock new ships!

Some screens of this in action on a Lumia 950 XL:


There's nothing wrong with the basic game and structure - a simple currency, high scores, upgradeable ships, rewards, etc. (right) and the game play is true one-button, keeping your ship flapping in the air...


The graphics are simple enough, stylised with pseudo-3D, and you get to gradually buy bigger and cooler ships. But... (right) the experience falls apart in an orgy of (video) ad after (full-screen) ad after (another, video) ad. This would be acceptable between five minute levels on a strategy game, for example. But to see these every few seconds here is plain bonkers.

If the developer's listening, you need to dial down the ads by several hundred percent and you need to make the game easier to play. If the average game time is less than 15 seconds then there's not even enough time to hook people into getting better. Yes, Flappy Bird was a phenomenon, but it doesn't need to be aped this closely. And I'd argue that Flappy Bird was easier.

You can grab this in the Store here if you have a Windows 10 phone.

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