9Zen Store UWP surfaces a lot you may not know about

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The official Microsoft Store application is all very well, but it often pushes the same old titles and it's not trivial to find new releases, especially for Windows 10 Mobile. Which is why a fresh pair of eyes, courtesy of 9Zen Store, is appreciated. Not least because there's a filter just for UWP (Windows 10) applications.

From the Store entry for 9Zen Store (and yes, this is getting a little 'meta'):

Cannot find any new or awesome apps on the windows store? 9Zen Store helps you find awesome, free, discounted apps for you windows 10 device.

The app which eliminates the major drawbacks of the windows store.

  • Browse apps and see their reviews/ratings from over 60 countries.
  • Search apps with an advanced search features for apps not shown by windows store search.
  • Get app details like update date, release date of windows phone 8.1 apps (Pro feature).
  • Like an app but want to download later. Add it to the download later list which you can easily check out later.
  • Discover apps which are recommended by us.
  • See free/discounted apps for the day.
  • Copy the store link easily to share with anyone.

It all works as advertised, though not all details are surfaced for each app and in most cases you'll need to tap through to the 'real' Store, install, and then tap back out again. But it's all worth it for the new applications that I've discovered in the last 24 hours. Of which more on AAWP in the coming months.

Here's 9Zen Store in action:

Screenshot, 9Zen StoreScreenshot, 9Zen Store

New and Rising is the best place to start and seems to offer stuff that's genuinely new and which I hadn't seen before in the Microsoft Store's presentation; (right) diving into an application's entry. There are reviews and some feature data below, but in most cases you will need to 'Open in Store' and then back out again afterwards...

Screenshot, 9Zen StoreScreenshot, 9Zen Store

There's also a 'Download later' function, essentially keeping track of all the items you find interesting and handing them in a list to you later on, when convenient to do the actual installations; (right) the hamburger menu of this new UWP app - note the deals and Windows 10 filters!

Screenshot, 9Zen StoreScreenshot, 9Zen Store

The Settings are comprehensive, allowing customisation of the Store listings by country/market, and (right) fiddling with theme, colours, and so on.

Screenshot, 9Zen StoreScreenshot, 9Zen Store

Finally, here are the two big new filters in action - UWP apps only and (right) apps with deals running at the moment.

You can grab 9Zen Store here - it's a free download and highly recommended. The extra navigation into and out of the actual Store is well worth it for the new content that you'll unearth.

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