Microsoft updates WDRT to support the IDOL 4 Pro and Honeywell W10 IoT devices

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Bloomin' typical - I finish my review coverage of the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro and only then does Microsoft come out and fix one of my criticisms, the lack of OS 'recovery images' via WDRT. Still, good to see things happening and dots being joined. I'll report back on exactly what this tool offers in due course, and on the IDOL 4 Pro's update prospects.


Once plugged in, the tool offers the basic 'Anniversary Update' to the IDOL 4 Pro, i.e. Redstone. i.e. the out of the box state. From which the Creators Update can be applied as a production update (of which more shortly) or you can go right up to the latest feature2 branch using Fast ring Insiders status.

As the changelog above shows, in addition to IDOL 4 Pro support, there's also support for a couple of new Windows 10 phone-like terminals, pictured below. They're not consumer phones but it's interesting to get a little peek into the world of enterprise, with devices that you're only ever likely to see if they turn up at your door when you sign for a package (e.g.)

Honeywell 75eCT50

Source / Credit: Twitter