Nissan Connect UWP your car companion?

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Rather obviously only applicable to those with Nissan cars, this new UWP app for Windows 10 Mobile looks useful in terms of tying your vehicle into Nissan's support network. The solitary review on the Store doesn't promise much, but maybe you own a Nissan car and can give this application a whirl? Me? I'm more a Renault man!

From the Store description:

NissanConnect will allow the dealer to register a customer to provide Telematics information from the TCU in the car and to generate various alerts and notifications related to Driving Pattern along with Service & Maintenance monitoring and Nissan Community

As ever, there are some promo screens (confusingly, lifted from the Android version) to give you an idea of how this will look on the phone:

Screenshot, Nissan ConnectScreenshot, Nissan Connect

Regular and guest logins...

Screenshot, Nissan ConnectScreenshot, Nissan Connect

The main menu, all very generic and not terribly optimised, but the proof is in the pudding - anyone with a Nissan car to try this out? (right) a 'Locate my car' feature is a very nice touch - does it work?

Source / Credit: Store