Awesome Tube UWP gets UI work, smoother experience

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The third party YouTube clients for Windows 10 Mobile continue to knock it out of the park. Awesome Tube UWP just got a UI update for its latest version, released in the Store overnight. Claimed is a UI overhaul, though the changes seem minor-ish to me... Still, it's all super smooth and fresh and very well coded - no hangs, no waits, just smooth playback while the UI is used underneath a video.

For anyone keeping score, here's the full changelog for the current v4.1.207.0:

  • New UI!
  • Improved performance and user experience
  • New 'cardboard' (360 video) support
  • New 'theater' mode on desktop
  • Add new playlist feature
  • Bug fixes and optimisations

A few screens of the new version in action. Although there are various themes, including a dark mode, the Settings pane still appears light - curiously!

Screenshot, Awesome TubeScreenshot, Awesome Tube

Your eyes don't deceive you in the Settings pane - there's a download function built-in here too, for watching videos offline! (right) a smooth and elegant UI, though not too different to that I reviewed a few months ago?

Screenshot, Awesome TubeScreenshot, Awesome Tube

With everything going - an upload, a video playing in the corner, the UI is still perfectly smooth - nice coding! (right) circular icons indicate subscriptions, as usual...

Screenshot, Awesome Tube

Awesome Tube shines in landscape mode - watch a video whilst browsing both description and notes, plus all the comments. Ditto for Continuum and on full Desktop Windows 10 too, of course.

You can grab Awesome Tube UWP in the Store here - removal of the in-app adverts is a small IAP, as you'd expect.

For more on Awesome Tube UWP, see my full review here, most of which still stands.

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