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I'm left a little confused by what this new UWP app does, but I did want to flag it up since it claims to be free only for another week or so. I think the idea is that you might have a calendar file from another source or from an older device and want this brought into your Microsoft or Google account cloud calendars. I'd normally suggest doing this on the appropriate web version of said calendars (each of which has excellent import functions), but this claims to be able to do the same thing locally, i.e. on the phone or PC. Anyway, make of it what you will!

From the (slightly confusing) Store description:

Calendar Files Importer - great solution to import your scheduled events fast & easy! The app allows you to import appointments from your local calendar to Outlook or Google Calendar. It has the user-friendly interface that is quickly learned and all you need is just export events from your calendar to the widespread .ics format, and then use the application for importing data.

Utilize your time optimally and streamline your daily tasks! Install Calendar Files Importer!

The promo shots will have to do here, since there's no way I'm messing with my currently perfect Microsoft or Google calendars(!):

Calendar Files Importer screenshotCalendar Files Importer screenshotCalendar Files Importer screenshotCalendar Files Importer screenshot

Perhaps it's my fault for missing the point of this utility in 2017 - can you think of a use case and can you get your head around which way this would work? Comments welcome!

You can grab this here in the Store - it's free as I write this.

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