PerfectFace UWP a load of tosh

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Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci laid down rules for the ideal face shape and pop-psychologists have since used algorithms to construct profiles for age, emotions and personality based on variances from the 'perfect face'... It's a load of tosh, of course, but here's a new UWP app that brings all this together. 

From the Store description:

  • Use of advanced algorithms for Microsoft image processing.
  • Definition of sex, age, emotions from photography. 
  • Determination of the ideal face proportions by the method of Leonardo Da Vinci (PRO). 
  • Find similar photos (PRO)
  • Definition of a psychological portrait from a photograph (experimentally) (PRO).

Upgraded to the 'pro' version, here's PerfectFace UWP in action on my Lumia 950 XL:


62.8 years old???!! How dare it! Take all this with a pinch of salt, of course, same goes for the 'psychological picture' on the right here. Complete rubbish, complete with typos and made-up words. Pah!


The 'theory' - face shapes may be a 'thing', but they vary massively from culture to culture and have zero to do with personality, in my experience; (right) a search function for people who 'look like you' is an interesting idea, but hadn't found anyone else like me in 15 minutes of phone screen-on time, so I gave up.

You can grab this in the Store here, though most of it doesn't work without the IAP - which is why I took the hit for you, above! Don't waste your own money.

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