10Lapse UWP builds your time lapse movies

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When Windows 10 Camera acquired the ability to capture time lapse photos, one of the questions that popped into most people's minds was 'How do I combine these photos into an animation or video?' Several solutions are available on the desktop, but now you can do this on your Windows 10 Mobile phone too.

From the Store description for 10Lapse UWP:

Looking for an app that creates TIMELAPSE in an easy way? Try this one, grab your pictures, choose the speed and convert your video in seconds !

Output your video up to 4K RESOLUTION

Here it is in action:


First of all, a pointer to the setting in Windows 10 Camera that's needed. Set this, then use the 'timer' mode in the UI according to lapse delay (2/5/10s) and so on...


'Add files' to 10Lapse and the images are inserted 30 per second by default - or just adjust the slider according to taste (minimum is 10fps). Then tap on 'Convert'.


Rendering is quick and clear, outputting a MP4 movie to the folder and filename of your choice.


The movie appears in Films & TV, or in Photos, according to where you saved it!

This was only a trivial example, but it absolutely worked as advertised - in landscape mode, anyway, there are some layout issues in portrait mode. You can grab 10Lapse here in the Store. It's labelled as 'beta' at the moment.

Source / Credit: Store