Tumblast UWP gives full Tumblr blog control

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Tumblr is one of the original blogging 'platforms' and there have been various Windows Phone clients and solutions over the years. But this new UWP Tumblr client looks the most comprehensive of all, see the feature list and promo screens below. If you're a Tumblr blogger, give it a try on any Windows 10 Mobile phone or Surface or similar.

From the Store description:

A 3rd-party full-featured universal native Tumblr client:

  • Support multiple windows.
  • Create animated GIFs from your local videos
  • Convert an animated GIF to mp4
  • Capture an animated GIF by camera
  • Tag manager to add tags easily
  • Paste local photos, a photo link, a screenshot or a bitmap captured by other tools directly to  the photoset post editor from clipboard
  • App PIN lock
  • Waterfall blog image viewer.
  • Tag based post blacklist
  • Offer a lot of options for customization
  • Share link or photos by post
  • Live videos supported
  • Submission
  • Dashboard, explore,  messaging, account and notification
  • Search all blogs and posts in tumblr
  • Visit any public blog directly by blog name
  • All post types are supported : photo, video, audio, text, link, quote, chat
  • Change the layout of a photoset post by drag-drop
  • Publish a composed post directly, add it to queue, or just save it to drafts
  • Edit any post in your blog, post queue or drafts
  • Save images and videos to local  
  • Hold the reblog button to perform a quick-reblog action 
  • Multiple login accounts supported
  • Edit the settings and theme for your blogs

I've never used Tumblr in my life, so won't pretend any experience, but thankfully there are extensive sample screens provided by the developer:

Screenshot, Tumblast UWPScreenshot, Tumblast UWP

It's the usual HTML5 and UWP 'furniture' mix, but seemly very slickly done, here running across the 'tabs' in the UI, with 'home' and 'search'...

Screenshot, Tumblast UWPScreenshot, Tumblast UWP

...then conversations and blogger notifications, all blurred here for privacy...

Screenshot, Tumblast UWPScreenshot, Tumblast UWP

Your Tumblr blogs, and then showing a Tumblr search...

Screenshot, Tumblast UWPScreenshot, Tumblast UWP

Finally, an example image search and part of the posting UI, with automated animated GIF creation from short videos.

You can grab Tumblast UWP in the Store here. Comments welcome - is it as good as it looks?

Source / Credit: Store