ShapeResume UWP helps build a CV or resume

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'Resume' as in pronounced 'resumé', of course, and also known as a CV. This new UWP application prompts you for the essential data about your life and skills and then exports or prints as needed.

From the Store description:

With ShapeResume, simply create your resume! Design your resume with your basic information, professional experiences, educational background & university, your hobbies ... and enjoy the results without any effort!

  • You can print your resume or save in PDF or HTML format.
  • You can send your resume by e-mail.
  • You can also synchronize your workspace and your resume with your OneDrive account.

Perhaps more at home on the Windows 10 Desktop than on the mobile screens, because of the text input involved, this UWP app nonetheless works on all form factors. Here it is on the phone:

Screenshot, ShapeResumeScreenshot, ShapeResume

Help panes appear at the app's start and before each module is filled in - very helpful; (right) an unusually graphical hamburger menu!

Screenshot, ShapeResumeScreenshot, ShapeResume

Half a dozen 'themes'/layouts are included - you can switch between them after the fact, too, in playing with the layout that you prefer; (right) another of the scrollable help panes, plenty of good advice.

Screenshot, ShapeResumeScreenshot, ShapeResume

Filling out the various sections and then the app has everything it needs to fill out your resumé...

Screenshot, ShapeResume

Examples of the UWP app's UI on a larger tablet or Desktop screen - much better!

In addition to the increased suitability for document creation on the Desktop, there are also minor usability issues on the phone, such as the virtual controls covering action buttons and having to be swiped away and then brought back as needed. 

You can download ShapeResume UWP here in the Store. For whatever Windows 10 device you use.

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