Mini-review: BlitzWolf 6700mAh Type C charger

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Power banks and chargers which are USB Type C only are still fairly rare, so I leapt upon this BlitzWolf accessory. It's also incredibly pocketable, making it the perfect Christmas present for the Lumia 950 owner or indeed any other modern smartphone with Type C charging, and who has Type C charging cables in the home and in the car, ready for filling the power bank again. I did have some quibbles mind you, nothing's perfect, but it's still a modern accessory for a modern phone owner.

To go all in on Type C sounds idyllic, but as I found with an AUKEY pocket power bank, it can cause more problems than it solves. The right compromise in this day and age is to have both USB A (i.e. standard USB) and Type C outputs, so you're covered either way, and then have Type C as the input, for refilling the power bank. And that's what this BlitzWolf accessory delivers.

Power bank, BlitzWolf

In fact, it goes further rather cleverly, in that the box includes a microUSB-to-Type C adapter, meaning that if you do use this cable and are stuck somewhere that's Type C-unfriendly then you can use any old microUSB charger to put in the relevant milliAmp hours. Well, as long as you don't lose the adapter, anyway. [It also comes with a bog standard USB-A-to-microUSB lead, the idea being to use the adapter to make this a USB-A-to-C lead, but it also means that you can use this cable to charge older - spit - devices too. Just saying...!]

Power bank, BlitzWolf

But that's a side issue - the thing to highlight  here is the dual USB A and C outputs. The BlitzWolf 6700mAh power bank is all black and all metal, which is how I like my accessories, with the status LEDs mounted in the button to activate them, which is a nice touch, and with the power bank's vital stats printed at the other end, as shown.

Power bank, BlitzWolf

However, USB Type C charging usually involves either Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 (e.g. on the Elite x3 in the Windows world) or 'Power Delivery', i.e. high current at 5V, so 3A typically and 4A for some Android phones. The BlitzWolf accessory here supports neither, though in fairness each output does go up to 2.4A, so we're not far off the 'maximum' and this is a pocket solution that's trying to keep the weight down. Or as far as possible, given that there are two Li-Ion batteries inside!

Power bank, BlitzWolf

Although the current maximums are a little disappointing, it's still cool to have over 24Wh in your pocket in a gadget that plays nicely with your other USB Type C gadgetry.

The £18 price is a little high, for the size and capacity, but then again, the metal construction and Type C-centric design aren't that common still. Well worth considering.

PS. Bonus external link over to BlitzWolf's own storefront, where it's cheaper (but will take longer to arrive).

Source / Credit: Amazon UK