Mini-review: Translatium UWP

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Who said UWP app development had stalled? There are still plenty of new creations - such as Translatium UWP here, offering a comprehensive front end to cloud-based translation of text, voice, handwriting and imagery into hundreds of languages and dialects. And working on Windows 10 phones, tablets, hybrids and anything else you might take out into a foreign country.

From the Store description:

Translate like a Pro with Translatium - the most powerful translation app for Windows.

  • 150+ Languages & Dialects: Translate words, phrases, and text between more than 150 languages & dialects.
  • Speech Recognition & Voice Output: Use your voice to type and listen to translations using text-to-speech.
  • Optical Character Recognition: Use your camera to translate text into nearly 20 languages instantly.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Don't know how to type a word? Draw it!
  • Dictionary: Including meanings, synonyms, examples and more.
  • Themes: Personalize your experience with beautiful themes and colors

Translation apps are right up my street, even if all the real magic happens on Microsoft's and Google's servers. Here's Translatium UWP in action on my Lumia 950 XL:

Screenshot, translatiumScreenshot, translatium

Paste in, type in, speak, write, photograph, anything you like to get text into Translatium and it'll come up with a translation; (right) just some of the hundred or so language options.

Screenshot, translatiumScreenshot, translatium

Either the source or destination fields can go full screen and even zoomed as here, for increased accessibility; (right) switching on the AMOLED-friendly dark mode and some of the other theming and operations options...

Screenshot, translatiumScreenshot, translatium

Trying another translation, here in the dark mode. Voice is by far the easiest way to use Translatium, with Windows doing the voice-to-text and then Google doing the plain text translation; (right) you can save phrases you think you'll need again by 'starring' them, and they then appear in the 'Phrasebook'.

Screenshot, translatiumScreenshot, translatium

Writing is another option, perhaps if you've lost your voice and you're hurt? Aidez-moi!

Screenshot, translatium

Finally, the 'Camera' option is a iny bit hit and miss, failing on some backgrounds and on handwriting, but doing a pretty good job when the source material is clear. Here I'm pointing at a Royal Mail leaflet...

Screenshot, translatium

And here's Translatium's translated rendition. These sort of camera translation tricks aren't brand new in the mobile world, but they're nicely integrated here.

I wonder why the Microsoft translation engine wasn't used throughout here? Maybe the APIs aren't as flexible? Anyway, it doesn't matter to the end user. You can buy Translatium UWP here in the Store, it's £4 but very slickly done. Grab it and buy the developer a beer!

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