The Windows Phone/Drone adventure continues: Lumia 1020

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Having tried hoisting a Lumia 830 aloft under my Bugs 3 drone, with mixed results because of the interference between the drone's props, airflow and the phone's camera OIS, I thought the next stage would be to try something with more robust stabilisation - in this case the classic Lumia 1020. Huge optics, ball-bearing OIS, and so on. Of course, the phone itself is heavy and chunky, but the Bugs 3 was more than up to the task, as you'll see in the video below.

To be honest, I can still see a 'jello' wobbling effect, though the overall picture is clearer and everything smoother. Maybe due to the better camera generally, maybe due to the slower and larger OIS mechanism. Or maybe it's just the air itself under the drone is just very turbulent. Still, the big DJI drones seem to manage smooth and stabilised footage, so I'm going to keep on experimenting.

As usual, maximise the window and quality for best effect:

Anyway, comments welcome, and I'd like to reassure everyone that no Lumia 1020s were harmed in the making of this short video....!

Which phone should I try next? Something with no OIS at all? Or maybe a 950 with digital stabilisation enabled?