Mini-review: 'Paddington Run: Endlessly fun adventures'

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Possibly the last Gameloft title to come officially to Windows 10 Mobile, 'Paddington Run: Endlessly fun adventures' is a freemium endless runner. And that's all you really need to know. 'Paddington' gives you the theme and graphics, 'endless runner' gives you the mechanics, which are identical to just about every other first person endless runner. Oh well, at least it's a brand new title for the platform from a major publisher.

From the Store description:

Enjoy this fun-filled endless runner adventure based on the award-winning Paddington movie! Run through the busy streets of London to collect the delicious marmalade, beat challenges and unlock exciting new features in each action-packed level. Along the way, you’ll collect lots of different costumes, handy boots and mystery boxes to help you conquer challenges. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the different mini-games that can be discovered throughout the game to help them collect even more marmalade and tokens!

  • Easy controls that anyone can pick up and play
  • Endless fun with lots of new challenges to discover
  • Smooth gameplay for an immersive experience
  • Quick play sessions for any time you fancy a game
  • Run through the bustling streets of London 
  • See London’s iconic landmarks and visit Paddington’s home at Windsor Gardens 
  • Dodge the city’s iconic black taxis and double-decker buses
  • Fancy a new costume? There are over 18 to collect, each with a splendid perk!
  • Upgrade boots that help Paddington grab extra tokens, bounce over trouble and make almost any challenge easy 
  • Discover mini-games throughout each level to unlock the Jet Ski, Skateboard and other fun games!
  • Challenge friends to beat your score 
  • Become the leader in distance, time, marmalade or tokens collected
  • Secure the #1 spot on the local or global leaderboards and score a fantastic reward

Production values here are very high, from animations to cut scenes to the detailed London renders in the game. All helped, no doubt, by the cross platform nature of the game, so the resources here aren't just for the Windows 10 Mobile version.

Sadly, Gameloft hasn't learned from its freemium mistakes of the past and real money is required far, far too quickly, and with the crazy option to spend over £80 in one go if you're careless - or drunk - or have let your kids loose on the phone!

Here's the game in action - it's very much a standard swipe left/right/up/down endless runner, with only the power-ups (vacuum cleaner, boots) adding gameplay interest, over and above the London setting:

Screenshot, PaddingtonScreenshot, Paddington

A well animated introduction to the game, setting up the 'story'... and then it's into the main game (right), with each 'run' having an achievement attached. You know the drill, collect enough marmalade to win stars and then earn gems (etc.) Which you'll never have enough of without paying for some in-app-purchases...

Screenshot, PaddingtonScreenshot, Paddington

The running itself is well done, with sumptuous backdrops and street (and in-house) elements, though it's slightly odd to see so much of London without a single person!! (right) collecting a vacuum cleaner power-up...

Screenshot, PaddingtonScreenshot, Paddington

Each level introduces subtly different street backdrops and elements to dodge, jump over and slide underneath... (right) as usual with freemium games, if you die then you have to spend ever-increasing amounts of in-game money to carry on (rather than start again)...

Screenshot, PaddingtonScreenshot, Paddington

The in-app-purchases are typically Gameloft-insane. Utter madness. I bought the smallest gem pack for £1.69 but had used them up within a few minutes. Remind me again how Gameloft stay in business? Are there this many gullible people paying tens of pounds in their games for a few minutes of swiping?

Nevertheless, A pollshed endless runner, spolied by the freemium mechanics (yet again). You can grab this game for Windows 10 Mobile here in the Store.

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