Planetarium 3D UWP great for watching heavenly bodies(!)

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Do you love looking at heavenly bodies? No, not that sort - I'm talking planets and objects in the sky. Planetarium 3D is a new UWP application that lets you explore every major body in our solar system, with realistic solar and natural lighting. Swipe and zoom to your heart's content, on phone, tablet and laptop!

From the Store description:

Love astronomy? Looking for some educational tool to teach children astronomy? This interactive 3D planetarium features all 8 planets of our Solar System and Moon in very high details.

  • All 8 planets of our Solar System and Moon
  • Highly detailed planets
  • Full 3D environment
  • Easy to use
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Demo mode (PC only)
  • Wallpaper generator (PC only)

Highly graphical, you'll be wanting some screenshots:

Planetarium 3D UWPPlanetarium 3D UWP

Pick the body you want (where's Pluto??!) and you're 'there'. Zoom in and out, swipe the body round and then adjust the sun's position (i.e. time of day) and speed of animation.

Planetarium 3D UWPPlanetarium 3D UWP

A pop-out tab shows vital stats, which are interesting, but it's the graphical detail that's best here. Simply gorgeous.

Best of all, this UWP application is free in the Store for the next 12 hours following this post. After that, it's £2.50, so be quick!

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