Scanner One UWP supports many code formats

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Since the old 8.1 days, when the built-in camera had QR capabilities, we've relied on standalone QR and barcode scanning utilities for Windows 10 Mobile. The upside is that they're a lot more capable in terms of what they can scan and recognise. Scanner One is a new UWP application that is pretty flexible. See below for details.

From the (sic) Store description:

This app can scan 1D/2D barcodes, and the decoded content can do advanced use.

  • Support 1D/2D barcode: ean, upc, isbn and qrcode
  • Parse content: website, call, email, sms, location, vcard and e-invoice
  • Support e-invoice format: amount statistics and chart display
  • Preview content: website and geolocation
  • Map location assistance: geolocation and address(Switchable latitude, longitude, altitude and address)
  • Use the search engine to query the content
  • Can parse the barcode inside the clipboard
  • Support tiles

Here's Scanner One UWP in action:


QR codes are instantly recognised and interpreted; (right) a history log is kept of everything you scan, any results can be 'viewed' (usually opened in Edge) or sent on or copied, for example.


Linear barcodes are no problem either; (right) some basic UI settings, though the defaults are fine. The most important is probably the 'Services' list at the bottom - pick 'Google' for better searching of raw bar code numbers.


A typical use case then, scanning a code on a health product and getting instant matches online, for reference or further purchase.

Scanner One UWP is still quite basic and I'd like the 'preview' to be a bit more intuitive and cosmetically tidy, but given that this is a free download then it's worth grabbing it and waiting for updates. You can get this ad-supported UWP utility in the Store here.

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