Google+ now a no-go for Windows 10 Mobile - by any means

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It's unclear whether this is a 'feature' of Google+ on the web or not, but whatever Google has changed this week, it has broken access using the Edge rendering engine

The screenshot below left shows what happened until recently when accessing, the screenshot below right shows what happens now. And it's to do with the EdgeHTML engine built into Windows 10 Mobile, which all the third party 'browsers' use, so it doesn't matter which one you try.

Screenshot, Google+ on Windows 10 MobileScreenshot

Any tech experts know what exactly is causing this? I doubt it's something malicious at Google's end, probably more that they changed something in the HTML5 code and no one checked it on a Windows 10 Mobile handset.

Still, it's all a bit unfortunate, even though the Venn diagram intersection of Google+ users and Windows 10 Mobile users is vanishingly small (possibly just me!)

I thought it was worth noting anyway, in case any web experts can shed some light on this. I can update the story if a workaround is found. Or if Google's web code magically starts working again!

PS. I tried Internet Explorer under Windows Phone 8.1 and got the same error.