Mobile Studio U (UWP) delivers phone specs and promos

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Now here's a nice idea. A UWP application that's a front end for the latest smartphone-specific tech details online. So specifications, promo videos, images and galleries for every phone in the world, it seems, on every platform - and yes, that includes Windows 10 Mobile. It's very slickly done and will run on everything from phone to Continuum display to tablet, laptop and even Xbox and Hololens.

From the Store description:

Do you know the encyclopedia of mobile devices, Mobile Studio? If you want even more, we introduce you Mobile Studio U!

  • Thanks to this improved version, you can access the specifications of hundreds of mobile phones, with the difference that new devices will be added live, that is, without having to wait for an update to be included.
  • New descriptions will be available in both Spanish and English.
  • If Mobile Studio takes a lot of space on your device, do not worry, this version will only take the size of a image, because the data is downloaded from the servers.
  • Do you want to access the market share of the main operating systems that actually exist? Using Kantar Wordpanel data, you can consult from Mobile Studio U all the reports they have in the Windows 10 (Universal) application without leave our application and having to access from the browser.

Of course, it includes all Mobile Studio features, such as new mobile commercials visualization, access to our Galleries... Everything created for you to enjoy mobile technology!

Here's Mobile Studio U in action on my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, Mobile StudioScreenshot, Mobile Studio

Curated news stories are on the home pane, but the real depth of Mobile Studio is the online (and constantly updated) database of device specifications and images.

Screenshot, Mobile StudioScreenshot, Mobile Studio

Delving into the 'Windows' section, for example, brings up some Alcatel models, with European bias rather than USA, for a change (i.e. no IDOL 4S with Windows for T-Mobile)

Screenshot, Mobile StudioScreenshot, Mobile Studio

Integrated promos/commercials are a nice idea and always fun to watch for anyone with gadget-lust! (right) for selected phones, there are also online galleries of camera samples.

Screenshot, Mobile StudioScreenshot, Mobile Studio

Whatever you might think of the Kantar Worldpanel surveys, their results are browsable by country in a nice interactive feature; (right) everything's kept bang up to date at server-level...

It's true that everything here could be sourced online on the wider Web in Edge - but Mobile Studio U does a great job of bringing everything together in one place. Perfect for looking phones up and settling 'down the pub' arguments!

You can buy this here in the Store. It's only £1, reflecting the developer's hard work. There's an ad-supported free version too, but I'd recommend buying the 'U' version.

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