Flights Radar UWP gets rewrite and new features

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Back in July, I reviewed Flights Radar UWP, aiming to show all the aircraft in the sky around you, concluding that it was a bit slow and flaky. Today sees a new version though, with lots of improvements. In the absence of an official FlightRadar24 application for Windows 10, this is very much along the same lines. True, it still pushes the RAM on a Windows phone to the limits and, as such, isn't 100% stable, but the application is certainly coming along nicely.

Here's the changelog for today's Flights Radar UWP update, over and above the version featured in July:

  • Entire app rewritten for better performance
  • New UI and user experience
  • Added Aircraft age
  • Added True air speed, Instrument Air Speed, Ground Air speed, Mach
  • Airport departure, arrival and aircraft on ground info
  • Aircraft flights history
  • Flight history
  • Aircraft on air by airline
  • Cockpit view
  • Can change units for windspeed, altitudes, airspeed, temperature respectively

Here's the new version 0.9.2 in action:


Flights Rader UWP starts full-screen, which is a nice and modern touch - tap on a plane to open a new pane with details. This pane can then be swiped up to show more, as shown below.


Note the mass of extra detail, including plane age and its recent flight history...


There's now choice in units displayed, here in Settings; (right) here's where you search for specific flight numbers.


The most visually striking addition is the 'cockpit view'. Just tap a plane as usual and then use the bottom right control to bring up this simulated view from the plane in real time (i.e. at the right altitude and position). You exit this view by tapping on the top left icon - which acts as a 'back' control throughout.

You can download Flights Radar UWP here in the Store. I suggest you pay the small in-app-purchase to get rid of the ads and to support the developer.

You can best chat to the developer on Facebook here. There's still a lot to do in terms of stability on the phone, so do get involved.

Source / Credit: Store