Todoist UWP brings multi-person, multi-project action to Windows 10

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'To do' applications remain popular in the computing world - especially when they have bells and whistles. Todoist is one of the biggest and best - and they now have a UWP application for Windows 10, see below for some details and links. Around the AAWP office, we use Asana instead, but this seems to cover much the same multi-person to-do bases.

From the Store description:

Join the 6 million+ people around the world who gain peace of mind with Todoist – the beautiful, simple to-do list built for the pace of modern life.  Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of an important project, or just remember to pay the rent, Todoist is there to help you stay organized and in control of everything you need to get done. 

With Todoist you can:

  • Easily add, view, and organize your tasks from your phone, tablet, desktop, browser, email, and more - even offline!
  • Stay on top of your important deadlines with due dates and recurring dates like “every 1st of the month”
  • Collaborate seamlessly in shared projects - quickly delegate tasks and share updates with coworkers, family, and friends
  • Share information with your collaborators - add comments, upload files, and receive instant notifications on progress in shared projects so everyone is on the same page
  • Organize big projects into smaller sub-projects and break big tasks down into manageable sub-tasks
  • Focus on your most important tasks first with priority levels 
  • Achieve Inbox Zero every day by turning emails into tasks with our Outlook extension 

Meet your biggest challenges head-on with Todoist Premium:

  • Get automatic reminders of your tasks via push notification, email or SMS text message based on your physical location or the date and time.
  • Get even more organized using task notes, and enhanced labels.
  • Upload files and photos to your personal tasks from your computer.
  • Personalize your to-do lists with customizable themes

Here's Todoist UWP in action:

Screenshot, TodoistScreenshot, Todoist

Admittedly I can't demo the multi-user project aspects on my own, but here's the app in action anyway - you're started off with some example 'projects'/categories; (right) As you might expect, there's a paid-for Premium option, giving extra features for people using Todoist for business/pro use.

Screenshot, TodoistScreenshot, Todoist

Interestingly, you can change the 'theme', though they're all white! All you can change are the highlights, which is a bit of a shame; (right) Todoist tries to 'game-ify' to-do management, letting you build up Karma by finishing a certain number of tasks each day. All stuff and nonsense really, but I guess it might help with some people's motivation?

Screenshot, TodoistScreenshot, Todoist

Building up tasks and seeing what needs to be done today...

Screenshot, TodoistScreenshot, Todoist

From the promo screens, you can see far more extensive use, including comments to other people's to-dos. 

I do appreciate that a system as complex and wide ranging as Todoist needs multiple users and dozens of tasks before it can show its true worth, so I'm going to pass the buck here! You can download Todoist UWP here in the Store - have you used this in anger? Would you recommend it? Comments welcome.

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